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Challenges of Mobilizing SAP MM with Xamarin - Mobile Wireframe


In our previous post we have introduced our project idea about creating SAP MM on Mobile with Xamarin platform. In this post we go a little bit deeper and analyze the process of the Goods Receipt and create a mobile wireframe for supporting this process. Let's see how a simple Goods Receipt works based on a Purchase Order.

Mobile Workflow

We found 5 important steps in the workflow of creating a Goods Receipt. We want to support this process with our app:

  • 1. Sign In
  • 2. Check Open Purchase Orders
  • 3. Open a Purchase Order for the Current Delivery
  • 4. Check and Confirm the Items
  • 5. Send Goods Receipt

We associated a mobile screen for each step and we created a wireframe that shows our idea how we would like to help the work of the colleagues in the warehouse.

1. Sign In

If we want to work with an app that connects to SAP then we want to secure our data. The most obvious part of the mobile security that we authenticate to SAP with our SAP user and password.

2. Check Open Purchase Orders

If a vendor arrives with the delivery to the warehouse, we need to find the Open Purchase Order for the Vendor that we have expected for today. We need a list of the current purchase orders that we can easily associate with the vendor.

3. Open a Purchase Order for the Current Delivery

After finding the appropriate purchase order we can check it's details. Our task is to check and confirm the quantities of the materials on each line item. We need a simple list of items that we can confirm. We want to enter into each line item and close them. The screen below shows a state where we have already checked and confirmed the items, so they are closed. We want to use green color for showing that the confirmed quantity is the same as the quantity on the purchase order and we want to use yellow color if the confirmed quantity is different.

4. Check and Confirm the Items

The main reason of the Goods Receipt's process that we want to check the quantities of the delivered items and confirm the Purchase Order. We want to register the actual received quantities from the Vendor and to close the confirmation process for the current line item.

5. Send Goods Receipt

After we checked each item and saved the confirmed quantities for them, we can close the process by sending the Goods Receipt Document that we have created based on the open Purchase Order. The screenshot shows the final state: the purchase order is deleted from the list and we receive a message from SAP about the successful creation of the Goods Receipt.


In this post we went through the Goods Receipt process analysis and we created a wireframe. All of the screen elements have a role. During our analyses we made choices what is important for the process and what is not important. The screens resonate with our intent how we want to support it and what are the crucial pieces of information we need for an efficient Goods Receipt.

In the coming post we are going to work on our development based on the prepared wireframe starting with Xamarin Studio. Stay tuned!

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