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Building Native Mobile Apps for SAP Business Warehouse - Part 2

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In the first part, we already built a ProjectRanker app for iOS Tablet and Android Smartphone. Now, I’ll show you how to change our current solution for using more tools but less code without affecting the user experience.

First, I am going to show you a second architecture as an alternative to our first approach. This architecture uses more tools proposed by SAP for reducing the need of custom development in connecting your SAP landscape to mobile devices. This course enables you to evaluate SAP tools through the example of the ProjectRanker project.

I discuss the following technologies in the course:

  • I will show you how to prepare SAP Business Warehouse as a backend system for mobile projects.
  • You will be able to answer questions why to use OData and how to introduce it in SAP mobile projects.
  • You will have a general understanding about the role of the SAP Netweaver Gateway that revolutionize the SAP backend systems for mobile communications.
  • I will be also answering why SAP recommends the SAP Mobile Platform and how it fits into this big picture.
  • Last year, Xamarin and SAP announced their partnership and SAP SDK for SAP Mobile Platform was born. You will see, how can we change an already working Xamarin solution by replacing the job of data collection to SAP SDK without having any side effects on the user experience.

You will see many examples and a ready-to-use app that works with SAP backend systems, so you will get a picture about the implementation details of such a project.

Who is this course for?

This course covers many tools and technologies from SAP and Xamarin. Please take this course as a journey that gives you an insight about the opportunities for SAP mobile projects implemented with Xamarin.

I highly recommend this course for
  • SAP mobile project members who need a general understanding how the different pieces fit together.
  • SAP professionals of SAP backend systems who want to benefit from the recommended architecture in the course.
  • C# developers who want to understand how SAP SDK works with the backend systems.

I hope this course helps you find orientation and gives information for your SAP mobile projects.

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